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May 29, 2012


Jodi Sanford

I think that would be Vickie Chrisman....great talent!

I think that would be Vickie.

Vicki Chrisman

Vicki Chrisman has been designing since the very first lines came out. So she is my pick.

The fabulous Vicki Chrisman!

I have to say this was a hard one.. I have checked out all the Pocket Chicks & my answer is Vicki Chrisman.. Thanks for another fun tuesday trivia! Hugs Marley

Vicky's been with FP design the longest.

This was a hard one, I looked through all the designer spotlight posts, and it looks like it is Vicki Chrisman

I think it was Vicky Chrisman :)

I'm going with the crowd...Vicki Chrisman!!

Vicki Chrisman!

Vicki Chrisman!!

Vicki Chrisman!

Amy, I'm pretty sure it's you!

Vicki Chrisman since that is the majority!

Vicki Chrisman.

Vicki Chrisman has been the longest

Vicki Chrisman

Vicki Chrisman

I am going to say you Amy!!

Well, Jodi owns the company so I think she would be the longest! But maybe she wasn't a Pocket Chick the whole time so I guess I will go with the crowd and say Vicki Chrisman.

Vicki Chrisman!

Carol B

Vicki Christmas!

Oops, my spell check messed that up, Vicki Chrisman, not...Christmas...oops!

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