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January 20, 2012


This would absolutely go along with any of the lines you have shown this week. Everyone needs a 'brag book' to carry along with them!

I definitely need one of these Brag Books! Unfortunately I had to cancel my trip to LA next week. Oh, I would have loved to stop by your booth. next test I hope :-)

I would love to win the Brag Book! It will work great as a PL/inspiration book!! Thanks!

I think "sand" is a perfectly good name... It describes the colour well and goes with the Beach and Summer. Looks like a great release!

Awesome would love one of these!! Sand is a perfect name! :) Wish I was going to CHA!! Maybe next year!

This Brag Book would be great with so many different things! Very versatile!

That is one sweet Brag Book! I wanna BRAG about it. hehehe!

With two of my boys getting married in 2012, I will have LOTS to brag about, don't you think? Thanks for the chance to win it :)

Love the Brag Books and would love to have one. I really like the new color.

I LOVE brag book. The name is so cool and I can use this book to document and attach cool things.
I really wish I could come to CHA in LA...but it's way too far. Maybe in Summer. Who knows...
Have Fun!!

As a proud Nana, how fun would a book like this be to carry around in my purse?!

wish i could go, just once , to CHA!! they have to bring this to baltimore or philly!
love that the brag book can be customized1 thank you for the chance to win!

Ooooh, I love this new sand Brag Book!!! I think I need it!! Actually, I know I need it. Of course, I have a couple other Brag Books in my stash that I have yet to put to use!! I needed those ones too though and I will put them to use soon!! LOVE your Brag Books!!!

I would love to win the Brag Book, please!!!jajajaja



So many possiblities!! These are awesome!

I love sand and your new Brag Book. I sooo wish I could go to CHA. Come to Chicago, please.

So cool!! Would love to win thanks!!

I love the Brag Book...One of my most fav's. Recently completed one for my new Grand Daughter. I do not live close by, so I have her parents taking monthly pictures of her first year...I will work on another one now for her 2nd year.

The grand-daughter is getting married in June. After that, hopefully, come babies. I'll need a brag book to show off the new little ones.
The color is good as it will go with pink or blue.

Love the brag book and everything else that you all have revealed this week.

LOVE Brag books! I have a couple, and they are my favourite!

I love this color and sand is a great name! I can't wait to get my hands on some new Fancy Pants lines and this great brag book!

I love love love these brag books! This one seems so versatile tthanks for the giveaway!

A brag book would be perfect for all you have shown us this week! I love it.

I so love your Brag books. Used a red one for my Dec. daily. Using a black one for a friends trip to Africa. Glad to see the new colour--a perfect addition to the red and black. Yeah!!!!
Leslee in MT

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