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January 28, 2011


Gorgeous lo's! Love the diversity of the line. Fabulous inspiration!

This is my daughter's favorite line - she actually asked me to make a layout of her with this line! So I did :)

I love this line! So adorable and versatile. The projects showcased today really show that, and I really get inspired looking at them!

gorgeous!!! i ADORE the writing paper and handwriting pp's!!!! *i need this!!!*

beautiful line!!!

So sweet! Love the tickets :)

Love all of these!!!

Oh, I love this line! Has vintage designs, but with clear modern colors...wow!!

I love the creativity. I personally would think it would look too busy but seeing it here, it looks awesome

fabalishious page's/project's x

fancy pants has always been one of my favorites- LOVE all the new things! ♥

Beautiful projects. Such talented folks!

I love this collection! Beautiful projects!!

Wow...I love seeing what everyone did! You all blew me away!

So lovely! this is my favorite line "I really love the vintage feel of It's the Little Things. This collection is full of beautiful colors and has such a happy feel to it!"

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